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Massage Therapy

Release the Tension

Tension offers the possibility of receiving massage therapy in a non judgmental, zen and warm environment. They are provided by certified massage therapists who can issue insurance receipts.

Massage therapy is scientifically recognized for its benefits, both physically and psychologically. It helps to reduce muscle tensions, chronic pain, improves blood circulation and helps develop overall body flexibility. In addition, massage therapy is effective to fight stress, helps promote a better quality of sleep and flow of energy throughout the body.

Relaxing Massage

If you need to let go and leave the stress behind, this treatment is ideal for you. This encompassing approach focuses on relaxation and can improve perception and self-awareness.

Therapeutic Massage

For people with occasional or chronic pain, this targeted treatment includes deep maneuvers and stretching. It invites you to be more aware of the causes leading to issues.

Example of a Shibari performance

Caretaking Experience

For an experience out of the ordinary, come with your partner to enjoy Tension’s installations and benefit from the knowledge of our massage therapist, who will accompany you to give a 4-hand massage to your partner.

Massage Prices

Duration Price
60 minutes $70
90 minutes $100
120 minutes $125
Example of a Shibari performance